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Born in Miyazaki Prefecture in 1981, he began participating in triathlons after finishing school, and finally acquired the right to participate in the IRONMAN World Championship during 2014 IRONMAN Japan. As of August, he maintains the highest ranking out of all Japanese people for his age group according to the 2015 IRONMAN AWA (All World Athlete). Records include 17th place in the general division in the 2014 IRONMAN Japan and 3rd in his age group (30~34), and 17th place in the general division in the 2015 IRONMAN Taiwan and 1st in his age group.

I want to be the IRONMAN champion in my age group

An IRONMAN Triathlon is a rigorous competition. I started taking astaxanthin from 2105, when I turned 34, because I want to become the IRONMAN champion in my age group.

After I started taking it, I became able to completely recover overnight from fatigue due to high-intensity or long training sessions, so I’m able to begin my next training session fully refreshed. This gives me mental confidence, and lets me work optimistically toward achieving my goals.
It also comes in very handy for recovering after competitions. For me, astaxanthin is a must-have.*Personal comment