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Born in 1968, he achieved 3rd place in the grueling 2009 Ultra-trail du Mont Blanc, a 119km ultra-marathon ascending 7,250 meters.


As the first Japanese person to achieve this, he is the leading Japanese trailrunner in both name and substance.

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When fatigue doesn’t carry over to the next day, my climbing strength recovers.

To be honest, I noticed a sharp drop in physical power when I was about 38, and it was troubling. I wasn’t getting any better regardless of how much I trained. I felt like I might be washed up... But I decided to try to bounce back. In addition to improving my training methods and diet, I decided to actively incorporate supplements.

Up to that point, I had only been taking amino acids. However, three months after I started taking astaxanthin, which suppresses muscle fatigue, I noticed a drop in body fat even though I was still training the same amount.
And it gradually restored my “climbing strength,” which is necessary in trail running. *Personal comment.