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Born in 1962, he is a representative of the triathlon team “Big Lake.”
In the 2014 IRONMAN World Championship, he was 40th in his age group. In the March 2015 Kumeshima Triathlon, he achieved 4th place in the general division and 1st place in his age group. In April 2015, in the All Japan Triathlon Miyakojima, he achieved 19th in the general division and 2nd in his age group. In May 2015, in the Ishigakijima Triathlon, he was 8th in the general division and again won 2nd place in his age group.

Koji Muroya’s Blog:
“Osozaki Athlete no Hitorigoto (40-sai kara no Chosen)” (Musings from a Late-flowering Athlete (Challenges after the age of 40))

Team website:
“Triathlon Team Big Lake”

It enables me to train more. Roughly a 20% increase!

I didn’t feel anything for the first two or three days after I started taking astaxanthin, but after using it for two weeks, I really started to see why top professionals use it. I thought, “Ah, so this is how they do it.”

I turn 53 in August this year, but I am able to train more now than I could at this time last year. Looking at it numerically, it’s a 20% increase.

In particular, I noticed a reduction in lethargy in the morning after a training session. When I train on a day off, I have enough endurance to train twice in one day. It makes staying in good condition easier.
I’m also happy that it improved my daily bowel movements. It has become one of my necessary supplements! *Personal comment