For athletes who want to improve their performance


Born in Toyama Prefecture in 1995, he belongs to Tsukuba University Graduate School and the Tsukuba University Track and Field Team.


Competition record

  • 7th place in the 1,500m at the 2015 Japan Intercollegiate
  • 4th place in the 1,500m at the 2016 Japan Intercollegiate


Personal records:

  • 1,500m  3’48”62
  • 5,000m  14’03”99
  • 10,000m  29’35”82

It gave me mental and physical leeway

I started taking astaxanthin from my junior year in university. Maintaining persistence and volume in training are important for mid and long-distance events due to their nature, but since I only practiced once a day in high school (no morning practice), I had a hard time increasing my training volume when I entered university. Up to my sophomore year, I had a lot of problems relating to conditioning. My physical condition would break down before important competitions even though I had been training enough and I would get depressed when fatigue would build up.

However, after I started taking astaxanthin in my junior year, I was never in poor condition no matter how much I trained, and I was able to stay optimistic about training all the way through the long summer training camp in my senior year, which was the most running I did in any three-week period all year. I even had the leeway to give encouragement to the exhausted team. And it wasn’t just in training. After I acquired some mental and physical leeway, I became able to match pace with important competitions and I never missed an event.

Some examples of things I felt after starting astaxanthin are as follows:
・I felt refreshed when waking up in the morning.
・I was better to concentrate on training.
・My bowel movements improved.

In particular, I experienced a lot of changes relating to fatigue, and it was a huge help in allowing me to handle not only training but also my studies and research for my main job as a student. I strongly recommend astaxanthin to those who are unable to keep up with training due to residual fatigue. *Personal comment