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Masami achieved 17th place overall in the General Women’s Division of the 2012 All Japan Triathlon in Miyakojima, and 1st place in her age group for three consecutive years. In 2014, she participated in the IRONMAN World Championship.

It improved my concentration during training and races

After I started taking astaxanthin, I noticed a change in the quality of my sleep, and I started feeling better physically when waking up in the morning.

That made it possible for me to train every day refreshed in both body and mind. Over time, this has allowed me to race in extremely good condition.

I also get the feeling that my concentration during training and races has improved since I started taking astaxanthin. During training, you concentrate on the condition of your body, but during races, in addition to concentrating on your condition, you also have to respond instantly to a variety of situations and problems. I felt my ability to concentrate during times like this to become deeper and more advanced than I had ever felt before.

Astaxanthin regulates and sufficiently readies both my physical condition and my mental condition. In the future, I hope to ally with these two in order to further push my limits. *Personal comment.