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Born in 1988, she studied overseas at Fundacion Cristina Heeren de Arte Flamenco on a competition scholarship in 2011. She was the runner-up in the 2013 CAF Concurso de Arte Flamenco VII and runner-up in the 2015 CAF Concurso de Arte Flamenco VIII.

Takara’s Blog:
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I want to always be able to give my best performance

For dancers, in addition to flexibility of the body, which is a highly technical part of each dance, we need the sensibility to generate expression.
In flamenco training, we practice Zapateado (foot tapping) for hours in order to perfect techniques.

As an artist who uses my body, I want to always be able to give the best performance I can when appearing in shows, on stage and at concerts because I want the audience watching me dance to see me at my best each time.

In comparison to most people, I suffer pretty excessive muscle fatigue every day, so I pay attention to the nutrients I take in so that I can clean out my system as quickly as possible of the active oxygen that accompanies muscle fatiguing and pulse-raising exercise.

As much as possible, I try to eat organic products, but I also eat out a lot, so in many cases I don’t know what ingredients dishes are made from. Considering that, I think it would be hard to maintain perfect physical conditioning through diet alone.

I started taking astaxanthin just after I turned 25 because I heard it would help me recover from fatigue faster and improve the condition of my skin.
Even though I experience increasing physical and mental stress every day, I get the feeling that any insufficiencies are being covered for and my cells are healthy due to consuming fruit, soymilk, nuts, homemade bread made by my family, coffee, astaxanthin and organic coconut oil or coconut sugar every morning.*Personal comment