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Born in 1979, he coaches the Kokushikan University Handball Club.


2016 Coaching Record (Kokushikan University Handball Club)


4th place in the 23rd World University Handball Championships

1st place in the 59th Takamatsu-no-Miya Memorial Cup All Japan University Championships


Record as an All Japan Representative

2005: Participated in the 19th Tunisia World Championships

2006: Participated in the Doha Asian Games

2007: Participated in the Beijing Olympic preliminaries

2008: Runner-up in the return game at the Beijing Olympic preliminaries

2008: Participated in the final qualifying round for the Beijing Olympics

2010: Bronze medal in the Guangzhou Asian Games

2011: Runner-up in the London Olympic Asian preliminaries

2011: Participated in the 22nd Sweden World Championships

2012: Participated in the final qualifying round for the London Olympics


Record with team OSAKI OSOL (Osaki Electric Co., Ltd.)

1st place in the Adult Championships 5 times

1st place in National Athletic Meets 3 times

1st place in the All Japan General Championships 3 times

1st place in the Japan Handball League Play Offs 3 times

A dramatic reduction in daily fatigue

The first thing I noticed after I started taking astaxanthin was a dramatic reduction in my daily fatigue, which had a tendency to build up due to rigorous training and matches. In particular, when I have matches two days in a row, fatigue from the consecutive matches used to linger through the next day, but ever since I started taking astaxanthin, I wake up easily the next day, and I can feel a reduction in the level of fatigue.

They say it’s important to consistently take it, so I intend to continue using it in the future. I’m looking forward to seeing what further benefits I can obtain with astaxanthin. *Personal comment