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He belonged to the mountaineering club in high school and university and actively participated in inter-high school competitions and national athletic meets, while also climbing a number of alternate routes up snow-covered mountains in Japan and overseas.

After graduating from university, he focused on climbing Japanese mountains, and by 2005, at the age of 27, he had climbed all of the top 100 mountains in Japan, plus the top 132 mountains in the Kinki and Kansai regions.

After discovering the joy of mountain running a few years ago, he has participated in trail running races and marathons all over the country.

He currently runs an osteopathic clinic in Iwade City, Wakayama Prefecture, with a focus on conditioning and treatment for athletes and runners, and is also active as a sports taping instructor, which is his personal specialty.

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I could push through to the finish line under my own steam

I have been using astaxanthin for about five years.
While devoting myself to the conditioning and treatment of athletes and runners on a daily basis, I also participate in road races – mainly trail races – throughout the entire year. However, just after turning 33, I started to notice a drop in performance because I wasn’t recovering from fatigue after rigorous training and races.

That’s when I encountered astaxanthin. I noticed something about ten days after I started taking it. Even though it was the middle of the summer, which is an intense training period, I was able to wake up easily in the morning and my physical movements felt smoother and lighter.

At first, I was really blown away by astaxanthin’s effects. Of course, I am in really good condition before and after the races, and now it feels good to stand at the start line. Particularly during the second half of long-distance races, I can really feel how much lighter the muscle fatigue is.
I get the feeling that I’m pushing through to the end of the run on my own legs.
Also, for a while, my immune system used to weaken after races and I would catch colds, but that doesn’t happen anymore.

Over the last few years, ever since I personally began to approach the age of 35, I have started to acutely feel the effects of astaxanthin on my body.
Part of it may be due to the fact that I started paying more attention to my physical condition and to any changes while training than I used to, but my personal opinion is that the effects may be more pronounced because I am at an age where it’s easy for fatigue to accumulate and my body reacts more sensitively, so it’s easier for me to feel the effects.

Without a doubt, since I started taking astaxanthin regularly, I have started recovering from muscular fatigue so much faster than before it’s not even comparable, and now, even as an amateur, I can tell how light my body is the next day. I’m really happy about that.

It has become easier to overcome feelings of fatigue. My body feels lighter and my training sessions have become more efficient. Feelings of fatigue have stopped carrying over to the next day, and it feels good to wake up in the morning.

I take my pulse every morning to check my health condition (for example, when my pulse is higher than normal, there is the chance of residual fatigue, so I take it easy during training on that day, etc.), and by doing this, I have found that – due to taking astaxanthin – my pulse is always more stable when I’m in good condition the day following a workout.

An interesting result I found is that sometimes my pulse would be high and I would feel some residual fatigue the day after a rigorous training session or race. However, after taking astaxanthin, there is no major change in my pulse even when I feel a little fatigued.

Many runners and sports athletes come to my clinic, and when they do, I recommend astaxanthin to help with recovery and maintenance before and after training. I strongly recommend astaxanthin to help increase performance and to stay in good physical condition.

I intend to keep astaxanthin as my partner in the future. *Personal comment