For athletes who want to improve their performance

Sports and Astaxanthin

  • In order to achieve victory, what do athletes really need?
  • Milestones on the way to victory
    Improving performance through a steady training regime
  • The three necessary elements
    Diet, training, and rest are the three elements which form the important foundation that allows athletes to obtain the results they desire. Your body is built through diet, tempered through training, and refreshed through rest, which allows you to further develop as a competitive athlete. You can only achieve success when these three elements are supported and in balance.
    Meal Training Rest
  • The relationship between training and performance (a conceptual diagram)
    Normal Training
    Training  Rest
    In order to improve…
    Rigorous training
  • The relationship between training and performance (a conceptual diagram)
    Excessive damage
    Inability to recover
    Drop in performance
  • The relationship between training and performance (a conceptual diagram)
    Damaged muscle tissue
    However, with astaxanthin…
    Even at the same level of training
    Damage resistant
  • Improving performance using the power of astaxanthin
    Group taking astaxanthin
    At start
    After 3 months
    After 6 months 60%UP
  • Training is the only way to improve your performance
    If you want to improve your performance, the most important thing is training. It is only possible to improve your technical abilities and competitive strength through repeated practice. Consistent, high-quality training leads to continual improvement – “better today than you were yesterday and better tomorrow than you are today.” It is being able to experience this progress that makes athletes crave longer, higher-frequency and tougher training. In addition, the feeling of accomplishment after participating in high-quality training leads to a major boost in confidence. However, at the same time, rigorous training also brings risk – the risk of injury, illness and deteriorated performance due to fatigue. The important thing is figuring out a way to transcend these negative aspects, so that you can devote yourself to training as much as you want.
  • Developing training that produces results
    Astaxanthin is the answer for athletes who want to be able to conduct regular, productive training in order to push themselves further and further each day. Training makes it possible to increase skill, power and confidence. However, athletes require sufficient rest and recovery to be able to continually train day after day. Until now, athletes’ bodies worked hard and used lots of energy to recover from fatigue and damage. Astaxanthin makes it possible to reduce the energy and time needed for recovery by reducing the damage you suffer from constant and rigorous training. Being able to recover faster allows you to intensify your training and to push yourself longer and harder. In addition, when taken regularly, astaxanthin protects your body from damage by being one of the most potent antioxidants available for athletes. In other words, astaxanthin provides you with a damage resistant body. This unprecedented benefit is what athletes have truly been wanting.
  • Astaxanthin provides comprehensive support
    Your diet not only helps you build a body capable of training, it also allows you to create the energy necessary to perform well. That energy is made within your cells, the basic building blocks of your body. If you accumulate cellular damaged, you will not be able to achieve the training goals you set for yourself. Astaxanthin spreads throughout every corner of your body, and this allows it to protect your cells from damage and prevent you from falling into a slump. By taking it consistently, you will be able to push forward in your training without worrying about invisible barriers and limits hindering your progress as you strive to be ever better. By providing you with the comprehensive support to keep you training until you are satisfied and maintain a flexible yet tough body, Astaxanthin offers you powerful encouragement on your way toward future victories.